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Police Apprehend Adil Zaman In Mureed Abbas Murder Case

KARACHI: Police apprehended the brother of the prime suspect in the Mureed Abbas murder case.

Abbas and his friend Khizer Hayat were shot dead on July 9 by their business partner, Atif Zaman, in Defence’s Khayaban-e-Bukhari area.

Atif has been accused of defrauding different people of Rs390 million, according to the prosecutor. He killed Abbas after the anchorperson asked him to return the money he had invested.

Police apprehended Atif’s brother, Adil Zaman, on Wednesday. He had been on the run since Atif killed Abbas and his friend.

Initial investigation suggests that Atif’s father was also involved in defrauding people. His brother also liquidated the properties purchased from investors’ money.