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Police Arrest Man For Spreading False Rumour Of Bomb In Plane

BELGRADE: A 65 years old man was arrested for spreading the false rumour of a bomb in a plane for fulfilling his desire to have dinner with a young air hostess, agencies reported on Monday.

According to agencies a man, aged 65 wanted to have a dinner with a pretty air hostess in a German airline Lufthansa and to fulfill his desire of spending some time with the latter he alerted the airport authorities with a rumour of a bomb in the plane.

The authorities acted immediately for the sake of the public’s security and suspended the Frankfurt-bound flight and searched the plane in an open area with the help of sniffer dogs. However, there wasn’t any bomb planted there.

The police, later on, traced the man with the help call records and arrested him.  The aged man after the arrest confessed his crime and told the authorities that he wanted to spend some time with an air hostess and to have his desire fulfilled he circulated a false rumour.