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Police arrest three after intercepting ‘suspicious’ car near Nowshera

PESHAWAR: Motorway Police intercepted the ‘suspicious car’ from Nowshera that fled when signaled to stop at a check post on Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway in the morning.

Three people on-board the car including a woman were arrested.

As per details, Motorway police signaled a suspicious car at Swabi Inter-change to stop, a man disembarked from the car and aimed a pistol at Motorway Police personnel. The Motorway police overpowered the man and arrested him. However, two persons inside the car drove away.

This prompted the Motorway police to issue alert about the suspicious car to others interchanges. At Peshawar inter-change, the car was spotted and when police signaled it to stop, the persons inside the car opened fire at the police and sped away.

Finally the car was intercepted near Nowshera and police arrested the accused. Police is investigating the issue.