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Polio Case Emerges In Jhelum

JHELUM: A four-year-old minor has been found contracting polio virus in Jhelum village of Athar.

Minor Adan Fatima was found having the virus when her parents carried out a test in Lahore.

Adan Fatima’s left leg has been affected which is quite baffling since she took the complete course.

Confirmation of the fatal disease despite consumption of complete medicine course has raised question marks on the progress of the Health Department.

According to CEO Jhelum’s Health Department Dr Wasim, the parents of polio victim belong to Jhelum but have been residing in Sargodha’s Bhera currently because of their employment.

“From Adan’s birth to course in-take, everything took place in Sargodha. A team of World Health Organization (WHO) had paid a visit to their village. Since minor’s parents gave false information, she was given a rapid number of Jhelum”, Dr Wasim said.

He added that Adan had also contracted brain paralysis however complete analysis will be issued once all medical reports are issued.

The affected girl has been shifted to Lahore for more tests.