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Polio Workers Are Our True Heroes: Prime Minister

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan lauding the efforts of all polio workers across the country, termed them as ‘heroes of the nation’.

In a tweet message, the PM expressed his gratitude to the polio worker Irfan who’s video went viral few days back where he could be seen going through extreme snowy condition across a mountain in Swat to vaccinate the kids.

On Wednesday, Premier met the polio workers at his office who were seen battling with extreme snow condition in the Swat just to be able to vaccinate the kids.

Prime Minister Khan paid a marvellous tribute to the diligent workers for being honest to their assigned duties and serving the people even in extremely snowy conditions.

PM exchanged thoughts over absolute elimination of Polio from the country and lauded them for their extraordinary efforts.

A few days back, some polio workers from Swat had won the hearts across the country after their snow video went viral on various social media sites.

The polio worker in the video was identified as Inamullah who made his way at -13 degree Celsius in over 4 feet snow-covered mountainous area to perform his duty went viral.

Polio workers have been the backbone of Pakistan’s fight against the crippling polio virus. They continue to work throughout the year despite challenging circumstances.

Pakistan’s polio workers travel long distances to make sure that every child is protected from polio, no matter where they live in Pakistan.