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Pope Francis Documentary to Hit US Theaters in May

Los Angeles (February 15, 2018): Pope Francis is heading to the big screen to talk life, the universe, and everything in a rare Vatican-backed theatrical documentary, studio executives announced.

Written and directed by three-time Oscar nominee Wim Wenders, Pope Francis — A Man of his Word opens in the US on May 18In the documentary, an almost unheard-of co-production with the Vatican and outside filmmakers, the pope addresses the audience directly, discussing immigration, ecology, wealth inequality, and the role of the family.

“The film’s direct-to-camera visual and narrative concepts engage the audience face-to-face with the pope, creating a dialogue between him and, literally, the world,” a spokesman said in a statement.“Taking questions from people of all walks of life, Pope Francis responds to farmers and workers, refugees, children and the elderly, prison inmates, and those who live in favelas and migrant camps.”

The film shows the 81-year-old pontiff traveling the world, with footage of him speaking at the United Nations, addressing the US Congress, and at Yad Vashem — the World Holocaust Remembrance Center in Jerusalem.“Pope Francis is a living example of a man who stands for what he says. In our film, he speaks directly to the viewer, very candidly and spontaneously,” Wenders said in a statement when the project was first announced last year.

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