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Portugal star Ronaldo losses temper, throws journalist mike into water

Player’s conquet increases as he gets fame and same thing happened  with world socer fame player Ronaldo when he was asked by a jounralist regarding his bad performance and he lost his temper and later he snatched mike from the journalist and threw it into water

The inident happened when Ronalda missed penality kick in match agaisnt Ireland in ongoing Euro Cup and Purtagal lost his chance to win contineous second match of the cup and Ronaldo was full of anger at that time.

But his anger continued after the game as well as the journalist asked question regarding performance of Portugal and Ronaldo in grip of anger snatched the journalist mikee and  threw it into water.

Ronaldo’s team Portugal has not won any single match of Euro cup sofar while after match with Hungary it will be decided that Portugal will qualify for next round or not.