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Post-Hajj Arrival of Pilgrims in Lahore

Lahore (August 28, 2018): After performing Hajj last week, pilgrims from all over the World, have started to return homes. Similarly, post-hajj flights continue to land in different cities of Pakistan. 

According to details, national airline’s flight number PK-30004 lands at airport with 329 pilgrims. Large number of relatives of pilgrims visited airport to welcome them.

Pilgrims said that they are happy, that Allah blessed them to visit the auspicious place.On the other hand, complaining to government, pilgrims said that poor arrangements were made by government for them. In Saudi Arabia, they were offered with residence quite far from Makkah, due to which they faced much difficulties in offering prayers.

Arrival of pilgrims to country will continue for few more days. According to PIA spokesperson, post-hajj flights will continue till September 25.

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