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Power Crisis In Karachi Turns Serious

Karachi: The power crisis in Karachi has turned serious as a gap between demand and supply has reached 600 mw after 300 mw demand increased in the last three days of scorching heat.

The demand for electricity in the last three days during the scorching heat increased 300 mw due to which demand of the electricity in the metropolis reached whopping 3300 mw which resulted into a gap of 600 mw between demand and supply.

The power outages duration in the mega ctiy have reached from six to ten hours. Korangi, Shah Faisal Colony, Kharadar, Landkhi, Quaidabad and Lyari faced the worst load shedding late night.

According to K-electric spokesperson in his statement said that four out of three power generations unit running from gas facing disruption in the electricity generation due to low gas pressure and the power outages are being carried out due to increasing demand and dereasing supply.

On the other hand, Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) spokesperson has said that the K-electric is being provided the gas as per its quota of 190 to 200 million cubic.