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PPP, PTI Loggerhead On Public Gathering In Karachi

Karachi (May 07, 2018): Peoples Party and PTI came face to face on Monday as both parties have announced a public gathering at the same date and same venue, on 12 May at University road in Karachi.

While talking in PPP media cell Peoples Party leader Saeed Ghani asserted that peoples party would arrange a public gathering in Hakeem Saeed ground at any cost and Bilawl will address the public gathering.

PTI leader firdous Shameem Naqvi admitted that they did not submit request for public gathering, where as Peoples party had given a formal application for 12 may public gathering, claimed saeed Ghani.Saeed Ghani said PTI announced through statements and tweets that they would stage a power show at Mazar-e-Quid.

DC East also confirmed that PTI did not sought permission for public gathering; I have talked to PTI leader Ali Zaidi and advised him to solve the problem peacefully, said peoples party leader.

While talking about PTI Karachi leadership, Saeed Ghani alleges that PTI leaders are influenced by MQM and they take steps on MQM wish, there was hidden alliance between them in past.

Saeed Ghani claimed that despite the ground realities PTI leaders set up a camp at the venue.

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