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PPP Demands To Probe PM’s Address

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) on Thursday demanded for an inquiry on the address delivered by the country’s prime minister Imran Khan.

Addressing to a press conference PPP leader Nafisa Shah has said that a tsunami of inflation is ready to arrive for the masses after the implementation on the recently proposed budget.

She said, “The government is denying the basic rights of the former president Asif Ali Zardari by not issuing the production orders.”

“Sergeant Niazi cried like guards during his address at 12 am, was there any emergency for showing such haste to deliver a speech,” said Nafeesa.

“That was a speech or a warning for the members of the opposition parties,” she added.

“Why can’t the government is probing the loans taken since past 20 years, by adding that the inquiry of the loans acquired in the past ten years should be started from Firdous Ashiq, Hafeez Sheikh and Mufti Fawad Chaudhry,” she further added.

“A commission should also be formed to measure the government’s performance of past ten years,” insisted Nafeesa.

“This a budget for suppressing the masses and will crush them under inflation,” she concluded.

Another PPP leader, Haider Qureshi has said that this was the first ever address of a premier which was aired from a private media channel rather than PTV. He said that the ghost premier has now turned into an adobe photoshop premier.

He said that PM should have seen the constitution first before announcing to form an inquiry commission that does he has the powers to do that. The PM should have studied first that how can an inquiry commission can be formed.