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PPP, PML-N Saved Their Properties After Deal with Musharraf: PM Khan

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday held the past government responsible for the current expensive electricity in the country.    

Presiding over a meeting of the government’s spokespersons in Islamabad today, PM Imran Khan said that the former government had signed expensive electricity agreements, adding that the people were paying the price of the wrong policies adopted by the past rulers.

Lashing out at the Pakistan Democratic Movement, the prime minister categorically said that his government and the state institutions will not bow to the opposition’s pressure tactics.

The broadsheet case has exposed the former rulers, PM Imran said, adding that the government has launched investigations in the light of the Broadsheet case.

The corrupt leaders were seeking NRO to conceal their corruption, the prime minister said, adding that the previous NRO caused $20 million loss to the national kitty. He maintained that the government will bring back the country’s looted wealth at all costs.

Talking about the foreign funding issue, the prime minister said that PTI had presented its case at all forums, adding that he had offered even an open hearing of the case.