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PPP Removes Farhatullah Baber From Spokesperson Position

Islamabad (March 07, 2018): Pakistan Peoples Party senator has removed its old guard Farhatullah Babar on Wednesday from the party spokesman position.

According to the details, Pakistan People’s Party has removed its outspoken senator Farhatullah Baber from very important position of Party Spokesperson today. He was also declined this time for party ticket to re elect as senator.

Babar is one of the most active senators and has often times raised critical questions on pressing matters, however many of his questions remain unanswered. He is also an avid supporter of human rights, having repeatedly spoken on the issue of enforced disappearances and missing persons.

According to the sources, Pakistan People’s Party Co Chairman is angry with his speeches on senate floor and he was removed after his farewell speech on Tuesday, in which he said that his party has backed off from upholding the supremacy of parliament.

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The outgoing senator in his speech lamented that the supremacy of the parliament is ending, saying a state within the state is coming into existence and that there exists a conflict between the two.

If the parliament didn’t end the defacto state then it will lead to a collision, he added.

Babar said that other institutions impinged the authority of the parliament.

He said that the accountability committee tried to hold everyone accountable, however, his own party backed away.

The PPP leader said that the situation is moving towards conflict between the institutions.

The 18th Amendment and the shifting of autonomy to the provinces are being rolled back, which can lead to smaller provinces demanding equal status as of Punjab, he said.The PPP leader said that due to persisting danger the onus of saving Pakistan is on the parliament.

Politicising the judiciary and vice versa has endangered the parliament said the senator.

“It is concerning when the Chief Justice of Pakistan promises that he has no political agenda,” said Babar.

Babar further said that it is concerning when judges lean on ‘contempt of court’ for their integrity.

“There is a wise man in my village ‘Baba Rehmatay’, who says the constitution is superior to the parliament,” said Babar.

“Baba Rehmatay says the Constitution is not what is written, it is what he says,” remarked Babar.The senator said that when it comes to the scope of influence of institutions the parliament is failing.

In November 2017, Senator Farhatullah Babar resigned from the parliamentary committee on accountability laws.

On October 20, Babar had resigned from Senate’s Standing Committee on Defence, while refusing to share with media his reason for resignation.

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