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PPP Senator Demands PM To Remove Law Minister Farogh Naseem

ISLAMABAD: Woman senator belonging to Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Sassi Palejo has demanded Prime Minister Imran Khan remove Federal Minister for Law Farogh Naseem.

The PPP Senator Sassi Palejo said that the thinking of Federal Minister Farough Naseem has been causing chaos among the people of Pakistan.

Senator Sassi Palejo urged the incumbent government of the PTI to stop paying in the hands of Muttahida Qaumi Movement -Pakistan (MQM-P).

She asked the PTI when did it adopt the MQM-P manefesto? while she threatened that if anyone see Sindh from bad eye then his eyes will be taken out.

The woman lawmaker said that the PTI and MQM must end thinking Sindh as a colony adding that the thinking of Karachi committee and article 149(4) tantamount to interferring in Sindh autocracy.

She said that people of Sindh will not tolerate any interference in its provincial autocracy adding that people of Sindh will foil every conspiracy against the province.