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PPP to Continue Fight for the Rights of the People: Bilawal

RAWALPINDI: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari vowed on Monday that PPP will continue to make efforts for the rights of the people and it would the government’s responsibility to find out the political way of JUI-F sit in.

Talking to journalists outside Adiala Jail, Bilawal Bhutto expressed that PPP was not supporting a party, in connection with Azadi March, but only democracy and his party will support his march ethically and morally.

Commenting over Asif Ali Zardari health Bilawal said that no medical facilities were being provided to his father, Asif Ali Zardari, despite the court’s orders.

He mentioned that PPP and his family are concerned about the health of the former president. He alleged that his family is being pressured by using Asif Zardari. “We never bowed down before wrongdoers, nor will we yield now”, he added.

PPP Chairman went on to say, “The accused and the case belong to Sindh but it is being investigated in Rawalpindi”. “President Zardari is surely sick but also encouraged, and he is ready to tolerate any atrocity”, he asserted adding that they are demanding human rights and hope the justice will prevail.

Meanwhile, PPP chairman said that the lives of the people have been strained by inflation. No single political party can solve public problems. “I send a message to the opposition parties that we all should play such cards which will refrain the third party to come because even a broken democracy is better than dictatorship”, he added.