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“PPP Wants To Bring Stability In All Institutions Of Parliament”

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan People’s Party senior leader Khursheed Shah on Wednesday clarified that struggle to bring stability in the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) was not focusing to secure any personality but PPP wanted to see strength and stability in every institution of the parliament.

In his latest statement, Khursheed Shah said that personalities came in and went out but the PPP wanted to witness stability in Parliament and each of its institution.

Shah alleged that the inexperienced government took U-Turn on every matter following its political unawareness but it immediately blamed opposition for the failures. The government should kept into mind that there was a level of tolerance among nationals, he warned. The PPP leader urged the federal government to make immediate steps to bring down inflation rate.

Earlier on Tuesday, Khursheed Shah said that the opposition will not let the parliament run if the government removed Shehbaz Sharif after bring no-confidence motion against PAC chairman.