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President Stresses On Water Conservation, Urges For Wise Use

Islamabad (September 14, 2018): Newly-elected President of Pakistan Arif Alvi in a video message on Friday stressed on the conservation of water and urged citizens to utilize water adequately.

“Pakistan is a water-stressed country, however, the way water being used in Pakistan is not appropriate and need to change it,” the president said.

Alvi said that by 2025 Pakistan is likely to face acute shortage of water and measures should be taken to alleviate the population in this regard.The president said that Chief of Justice of Pakistan Saqib Nisar and Prime Minister Imran Khan have initiated the dam fund, urging overseas Pakistanis to especially pay heed to the project.

He said that the government will make sure that agriculture farming does not waste water and instead of methods such as flood irrigation, drip or spray irrigation methods are employed.

The president said that lining of water canals and waterways should be taken care of. He further said that the people in urban areas need to be extra diligent and try to conserve water, and not waste it.

“The government will play its part, championing the cause, but as citizens, you people should make it your civic responsibility too,” he said.

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