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President Felicitates Nation On 71st Independence Day  

Islamabad (August 14, 2018): President Mamnoon Hussain has felicitated the nation on the auspicious occasion of our 71st Independence Day.

President Mamnoon Hussain said in his message on Independence Day that this day refreshes our enthusiasm and rejuvenates our resolve to work for the progress and prosperity of our motherland.He continued that It also inspires us to serve our country and raise our green flag, which symbolizes our hopes and aspirations, even higher.

Mamnoon Hussain said,” It is indeed a time for celebration as our hopes and aspirations bore fruit on this day. Pakistan is a blessing of Almighty Allah and a haven for the Muslims of the Sub-Continent. Our forefathers waged a unique struggle and gave unparalleled sacrifices for achieving Pakistan.”The president said,” Now it is our responsibility to shape Pakistan according to the dreams of its founders and to achieve this objective there should be good relations, harmony and brotherhood among all strata of society.”

He said that It is heartening that the new generation of Pakistan is imbibed with the love of the country and is filled with the zeal to sincerely work for progress and its development. Mamnoon said that it is necessary that we should educate our children of the need for the creation of Pakistan and the sacrifices rendered to achieve it.National days are celebrated with the purpose of educating society, particularly the new generation about the objective and the struggle for the attainment of Pakistan, he said and added that he believe that the objective of developing the country and rekindling its glorious past can only be achieved if we work single-mindedly keeping aside our personal interests.

Mamnoon Hussain said that the economic problems being faced by Pakistan and the complex issues confronting it can only be overcome if we follow the teachings of the Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal in their true spirit.

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