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Presidential polls-2016: Election fever grips US

WASHINGTON: Election fever has gripped United States as political campaigns of Republican and Democratic candidates were in full swing across the country.

More than 33 million citizens have cast their votes to their candidates by early voting system. Analysts said indicators showed that Hillary Clinton taking lead in Colorado, Nevada and Virginia but she could face problems in other part of the country like Ohio.

It is pertinent to mention here that US is comprised of 50 states and every state sets its own bylaws for early voting. Public opinion surveys indicate tough contest between Clinton and Trump. US presidential elections will be held on Tuesday, November 8.

Real Clear Politics’s survey showed that Clinton took a slight lead with 46.6 points while Trump took 44.8 points.

FBI’s current statement, in which FBI said that it was still probing emails related to Clinton’s personal server damaged Clinton’s popularity. Trump said that Clinton had struck into legal issues and US will plunge into constitutional crises, if she was chosen as president of the state.

On the other hand, University of Virginia’s political expert said that there was no possibility that FBI revelations converting peoples mind. Both candidates spent a busy day in Florida in connection with their political activists.