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Previous Govts Set Worst Precedent Of Governance: Iftakhar Durrani

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister’s special assistant Iftakhar Durrani has said that previous governments have set the worst precedent of bad governance in the country while country was looted and plundered for up to 10 years.

The special assistant Iftakhar Durrani , Punjab’s ministers for finance and energy hold joint press conference.

Iftakhar Durrani said that the country was exploited for up to 10 years.

At the occasion provincial minister for finance said that Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) previous government started a power project at Head Tremo without signing any deal. The minister demanded former energy minister clarification over the matter.

Provincial minister for power, Akhtar Malik said that the previous governments initiated projects on basis of their personal interests adding that corruption found in every project started by the previous governments.