Islamabad(June 20, 2018): Angry activists of PTI continued to protest the distribution of party tickets outside chairman Imran Khan’s Banigala residence for the third day.

Dozens of workers from various constituencies have gathered outside Khan’s residence, demanding party tickets for their groups.

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Activists from Multan’s NA-154 constituency are demanding not to allot the ticket to Sikander Bosin. Workers from NA-51 FATA are also speaking against the award of tickets.

The protesters have urged Khan to review the distribution of tickets to the candidates. They have asked to provide them to ideological workers instead of para-shooters.

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Earlier, the PTI chief failed on Monday to pacify protesting party workers despite assurances that he will review the party’s decisions regarding awarding tickets for the upcoming elections.He made the remarks while addressing disgruntled PTI members protesting outside his residence in Bani Gala.

The PTI chairman, while trying to placate the agitated workers, said that the decision for awarding tickets was taken by the parliamentary members of the party on the basis of merit.

He asserted that he would not be forced to change his decision on the basis of pressure.

“If I change my decision today because of you, tomorrow more people will come here… I am not saying this because of me or my honesty.. I am saying this because I fear Allah,” said Imran while addressing the protesters.He then urged the workers to submit review petitions, adding that he will sit with the party’s board and review the decisions in the next three days.

“Will decide on the basis of merit,” Imran said to the disgruntled workers, after listening to their grievances.

“I’m a human and humans can make mistakes,” he admitted, repeating his advice to submit petitions of grievances. The PTI chief asked the protesters to leave so the party leaders could get to work on the issue.Imran asked the workers to trust him, giving example how he expelled 20 MPAs from the party for selling votes during the Senate elections.

Later, as the protesters attempted to barge inside, the police resorted to disperse them which resulted in a commotion.

On June 18, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) decided to amend the lists of party candidates nominated on reserved seats for the upcoming general election.Sources said the decision was taken after party leaders pointed fingers at Shireen Mazari and Munaza Hasan for denying seats to ‘rightful’ female party workers in favour of their ‘favourites’ and ignoring the recommendations of the regional party presidents.

“Following the concerns of regional presidents and other party members, the PTI chairperson reviewed the lists and rejected them as their reservations proved to be valid,” sources said.

“It was proven that the lists were prepared in a hurry,” the source added while stating that Munaza Hasan submitted the lists to the ECP in Lahore.Meanwhile, Mazari denied having a role in preparing the lists of party candidates for reserved seats. Imran had sought advice from Hasan on the issue, she said.

“Imran Khan, Aliya Hamza and Shamsa Ali prepared the lists of party candidates for reserved seats and they included the recommendations of regional presidents,” Mazari added.

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