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Protests, Clashes Intensify in Honk Kong

HONG KONG: A heavy air of tension hung over Hong Kong on Thursday, as the legislative body cancelled debate for the rest of the week on a despised bill that would allow extraditions to mainland China and emboldened activists called for a fresh wave of protests on Sunday that left 70 injured.

Arrests of about a dozen activists, including some made at hospitals where they were getting treatment from injuries sustained by police tactics, and a cyber attack on a messaging app used for organizing raised the spectre of a crackdown against demonstrators that could intensify if more large-scale protests are planned.

Though demonstrators had left the central Hong Kong streets they occupied until late Wednesday evening, the Legislative Council, the territory’s lawmaking body, once again postponed a reading on the extradition bill, cancelling sessions on both Thursday and Friday.

The legislature had previously said it would bring the bill to a vote by June 20. Andrew Leung, the council’s president, had reserved 66 hours for debate.