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PMSA Delegation Visits New Delhi

New Delhi (May 28, 2018): A delegation of Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) has visited India where they held talks with Indian officials, said sources.

The delegation held talks with Indian Coast Guard officials. The PMSA is Pakistan’s sole maritime law enforcement agency, vital to enforcement of national and international laws, agreements and conventions in the maritime zone of the country.In October last year, Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi had said that Pakistan remained fully committed to maintain good order at sea and was always ready to cooperate on maritime issues of global concern.

He said this while addressing the inaugural session of the 13th meeting of Head of Coast Guard Agencies Meeting (HACGAM). Abbasi said the dependence of the global economy on oceans continued to increase and the safety and security of maritime resources and sea lines of communication had become more important.He said the government had equipped PMSA with potent sea-going platforms as well as aircraft fully functioning at coastal bases.

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