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PTI files appeal in SC over objections raised for Panama leaks petition

Pakistan Tehrreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has filed an appeal against objections raised earlier over petition regarding investigation of the Panama leaks.

It is contended in the PTI’s appeal that registrar of Supreme Court has declared the earlier petition of the party for investigation into the Panama leaks issue  as non serious which shows his  inexperience and humiliation.

The PTI in the appeal against the registrar office objections argued that the party petition is based on evidence and facts and there is no legal status of the registrar office objection on the appeal.

The appeal further elaborated that the party petition for the panama leaks issue is the essence of the experience of three senior lawyers.

The Panama leaks issue is of vital importance and related to basic rights of the masses, asserted in the appeal.

The PTI requested the highest judiciary to annulled the objections raised by the registrar office and accept the petition of the party for hearing.

The appeal also declared the registrar office objections violations of article 14, 17 and 25 of the constitution.

After submitting the party appeal in the SC, the PTI leader and counsel, Hamid Khan talking to media, said that registrar office objections raised for the party petition was unserious   adding that the SC has taken sue motto action over an scandal which had less volume than our petition.  He also said that the registrar gave himself status of judge while the registrar could not declare any petition un serious and not hearable.