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PTI Funding Case: Petitioner Could Not Provide Verified Documents To Scrutiny Committee: Financial Expert

Islamabad: A financial expert of PTI has presented his contentions before a bench of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) in the prohibited funding case against PTI.

The ECP a three members bench headed by CEC Sikandar Sultan Raja heard the petition.

The economic experts briefing the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) apprised that if scrutiny committee passes time on research then it would be better while the portioner, Akbar S Baber could not provide verified documents to scrutiny committee

The financial consultant said that the PTI had submitted its standard audit report to the election commission (ECP). “The scrutiny committee ignored the PTI report, it had to indicate the flaws in the report,” expert said.

“We produced all bank details in the report,” he said while referring the paras of the scrutiny committee’s report.

“The scrutiny committee mis-perceived the audit accounts,” he argued. “Scrutiny Committee’s proceedings were one-sided,” financial consultant claimed.

“Large amounts were deposited in some accounts, other are small accounts,” he said. “There were duplication of depositing amounts,” he argued. “The cheques that were returned have also been shown in the report as deposited,” PTI consultant said. “The scrutiny committee didn’t try to understand our contentions,” PTI financial expert said.

“Don’t talk over the matters, which have already been argued,” the CEC said. “This will become an unending matter, talk over the figures,” CEC remarked.

“We will talk over the figures from tomorrow,” PTI lawyer Anwar Mansoor assured the ECP panel.

The election commission (ECP) adjourned further hearing of the case until 12:00 noon on Thursday (tomorrow).