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PTI Govt Pays Off Over $ 9billion External Debts

ISLAMABAD: Finance Ministry has told the national assembly that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) led government had retired record foreign loans worth of $ 9.392 billion during the current fiscal year which had never been done by any government in a single year.

In a written letter to the National Assembly, the ministry stated that during the first year of PTI government, external debts were increased by $ 7.17 billion.

Pakistan’s external liabilities are a stand at Rs 10 thousand 838, Inland liabilities stand at 19 thousand and 763 billion, Permanent loan stands at Rs 4 thousand and 817 billion, temporary loans 11 thousand 822 billion and unfunded loan stand at  3 thousand and 123 billion rupees.

The trade ministry told the parliament hat after the Pulwama attack the trade with India has dropped. Till June 2018 Pakistan’s trade volume with India stood at 965 million dollars as the balance of trade with India had already been in India’s favour.