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PTI leader invokes RTI Act to seek explanation as to why Raiwind residence declared as PM’s Camp Office

ISLAMABAD: A Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader has invoked Right to Information Act to seek details expenses being incurred on Prime Minister’s Camp Office in Lahore.

PTI leader Andaleeb Abbas has written a letter to Principal Secretary to Prime Minister demanding explanation as to why the Raiwind residence of Prime Minister was declared as Camp Office despite being hundreds of kilometers away from the federal capital.

She sought details about other camp offices of Prime Minister saying that “whether any other residence of the Sharif family has been declared as camp office?”

She also raised question as to why the Punjab government was spending Rs364 million rupees taxpayers money annually on the maintenance of Jati Umrah residence of Sharif family.

She added  as to why some 2700 police and security personnel had been deployed on the security of Sharif family in the province, adding that she may be informed as to who incur meal and the expenses being incurred on the security personnel on duty of the Sharif family.