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PTI says ready for final show down against corruption

ISLAMABAD: An important meeting of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leadership was held here with party chief Imran Khan in the chair to discuss preparations and strategy for PTI’s Nov 2 sit-in in Islamabad.

The PTI leadership resolved that the party would not budge an inch from its stance on Prime Minister’s accountability.

The PTI accused the government of opening a front by pitching the administration and masses against each others in cities just to save the Prime Minister from accountability. They said that the party would not succumb to government tactics at any cost.

The meeting deliberated over the preparation for Nov 2 sit-in, possible venue of the sit-in and possible points to lock down the capital. The meeting also discussed special arrangements for ensuring participation of women and people from all walk of life.

The meeting noted that PML-N wanted people and masses to fight against each others so that Nawaz Sharif could be saved from accountability.

The meeting noted that PTI would remain peaceful during the sit-in but would tolerate any government repression against the peaceful protest.

PTI said that it was ready for a final show down against corruption and would not accept any option except accountability of the Prime Minister.

PTI General Secretary Jahangir Tarin said that PTI had evolved a comprehensive strategy to lock down Islamabad on Nov 2. He said that Nov 2 protest would be historic and urged workers to try all their best to avoid arrest by police.

The meeting was attended by Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood Quraishi, Jahangir Tarin, Assad Umer, Aleem Khan, Imran Ismail, Own Chaudhry, Amir Kayani, Shoaib Siddiqui, Faisal Javed, Usman Dar, Murad Saeed , Dr Waseem Shehzad and others.