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PTI Withdraws Ticket From Sikandar Hayat Bosan

Islamabad(June 25, 2018): The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has withdrawn its party ticket from former federal minister Sikandar Hayat Bosan amid growing protest by angry workers against “unjustified” award of tickets in many constituencies.

Bosan had been awarded a ticket to contest the upcoming general election from NA-154 Multan constituency.However, several party workers from the constituency protested against the party’s decision to award a ticket to the former minister, who joined the PTI only last month when the party he was last with, PML-N, completed its five-year term.

The PTI has meanwhile said it will make a decision about NA-154 Multan later.

Protest Outside Banigala:

Disgruntled members of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) recorded their protest outside chairman Imran Khan’s Banigala residence against the distribution of party tickets.Protest of PTI’s Workers Continues Outside BanigalaLikewise, the activists from Multan are not ready to leave without receiving the party ticket for Malik Ahmed Dehar.

The protesting members say that this not the change for which they have struggled in the past. They have vowed not to back off until the ideological party members receive the ticket.Disgruntled PTI Leaders Present Charter of Demand To PartyEarlier on, the distance between Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) and its dismay leaders being widened as angry leaders have refused to accept party decision over the distribution of election tickets and presented a charter of demand to the party to resolve the issue.

The vital meeting of dismay party leaders held in Islamabad which was attended by the angry leaders including Hamid Khan and workers in large numbers.

In a declaration, released by the end of the meeting, the distribution of tickets by the PTI parliamentary termed unjust and alleged that some of the parliamentary board’s members were ineligible and being tried by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), therefore a transparent board should be set up to award tickets on merit.“The women seats were also awarded to the favourites and failure in the submission of minority party priority list is condemnable and those responsible should be punished,” the declaration said.

Declaration also demanded the awarding of tickets to those, who contested election 2013 on party tickets. It also demanded to accept chairman and vice chairman no other leaders will be awarded tickets more than one constituency.

Earlier, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Sunday released the final list of its candidates running in the forthcoming general elections scheduled next month.

The party stated that the list was issued with its Chairman Imran Khan’s approval, further adding that the candidates for the remaining few constituencies will be decided in near future.PTI has nominated as many as 229 candidates for the National Assembly seats out of a total 272 seats. In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Imran Khan’s party has awarded tickets to 90 candidates off 99 seats.

In a rather surprising development in Punjab, its seen that the party chose Khalid Maqbool Chohan over Ayesha Nazir in NA-163. A sigh of relief will be seen in the old guards of the party as the loyalist Ali Muhammad Khan’s name has been included in the final list.Shah Mahmood Qureshi and his sons Zain Hussain Qureshi will be contesting from NA-156 and NA-157.

Tahir Sadik has been assigned the task to contest on two constituencies of Attock.

In addition, 79 candidates have been chosen to contest in Sindh on provincial assembly seats.

Three people, including Asad Umar, have been awarded PTI’s ticket to stand in the election from the capital city of Islamabad It has also chosen 11 candidates for election in FATA.

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