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Pulwama incident: Pakistan Embassy Spokesperson Pens Letter To Washington Post  

WASHINGTON: A spokesman of the Pakistani Embassy in Washington, Abid Saeed has written a letter to ‘The Washington Post’ in which he expressed disappointment over the newspaper’s February 20 editorial for its “sweeping and one-sided commentary and reliance on unverified Indian media accounts.”

In a letter to The Washington Post, spokesman Abid Saeed stated that Pakistan was not involved in the Pulwama incident in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK).

“It is India’s old habit of blaming everything that goes wrong on his country,” he wrote.

“The frenzy that the Indian government has whipped up around the Pulwama incident has already resulted in innocent Kashmiris being attacked and hounded across India,” he said.

The tense situation has increased in India and IoK after the blame game,” reads a letter.

“Voices within India were urging it to look inward instead of blaming Pakistan for events in Kashmir,” the spokesman added.