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Punjab Govt Issues Ordinance To Contain Coronavirus

LAHORE: Punjab government on Sunday issued the Pandemic Patients Ordinance 2020.

Under the ordinance people who will not follow the government measures and run away from the treating place in the case of pandemic will be given punishments and fines.

The ordinance states that all the private hospitals and doctors can be ordered to treat and take care of the patients in the case of the pandemic disease.

The government will have powers under the ordinance to ban children of the province for going schools and gatherings and transfer and burial of the dead persons.

Solely the government has powers to transfer any sick person to specified place and screening of the people.

As per the ordinance two-month jail and 50 thousand fine will be imposed on the violation of one section while six months prison and one lakh fine will be imposed on the violation of several sections.

On the other hand a fine of two lakh will be imposed on any institution over the violation while a fine of three lakhs will be imposed on the repetition of the violation.

A six-month jail term and 50 thousand fine will be imposed on running away from the treatment place, quarantine center on a first time of the violation while on a repetition of the violation a 18-month jail term and one lakh fine will be imposed.