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Punjab Prepares SOPs Against Coronavirus For Month Of Ramzan

Lahore: Government of Punjab has prepared Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) against the global pandemic coronavirus for the month Of Ramzan as Department of Primary and Secondary Health Care ( DPSHC) has issued notification of it.

As per the notification, people under age of 60 can perform prayers in mosques while strictly following the SOPs. On the other hand people above the age of 60 are more susceptible to the virus owing to low immune system. So the notification urges the elderly and chronic patients to offer prayers at home.

DPSHC notification stressed the mosques administration throughout the province to ensure three-feet distance for worshippers during prayers.

Under the DPSHC instructions it will be must to fix the areas for Mutakafeen after marking six-feet distances while it also urges the people to sit in aitakaf in homes instead of collectively in mosques.

During the time of Sehar and Aftar adhered to SOPs strictly in mosques for the protection of people. It also stressed the people to ensure wearing of masks during arrival in mosques for prayers.

Strictly adhere to instructions for protection from the virus during all the activities in the holy month of Ramzan.