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Putin Shown ‘Profound Reservations’ At Trump-Iran Step

Web Desk (May 10,2018): The President of Russia Vladimir Putin responded over US president Donald Trump’s Iran nuclear deal decision. 

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has backed Trump’s decision on Iran, Israel’s arch-foe, said after the meeting that he shared his “views on issues that include Iran’s secret nuclear archive” and the “current tension” with the Russian leader.“I presented Israel’s obligation and Israel’s right to defend itself from Iranian aggression from Syrian territory, against the state of Israel,” he added in a statement on Wednesday evening.

Ahead of the meeting, Putin had said he would discuss “problems in the region,” saying that “the situation unfortunately is very acute”.“I want to express a hope that we will manage not just to discuss but also to seek a solution that would lead to a shift in the situation.”

In comments to his national Security Council, Putin expressed his “deep concern” over Trump’s decision announced on Tuesday and stressed the importance of the accord with Iran.

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