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Putin Takes Oath For Fourth Term As Russian President

Web Desk (May 07, 2018): Vladimir Putin has been sworn in as Russian president to continue serving for six more years.

Some 5,000 guests attended the lavish ceremony in an ornate Kremlin hall.

Vladimir Putin unveiled an ambitious vision for Russia for his new six-year term – including rapid economic growth, a rise in life expectancy, and a drop in inequality – hours after his inauguration.“We have revived pride in our fatherland,” Mr Putin said. “As head of state I will do all I can to multiply the strength and prosperity of Russia.”

“We need breakthroughs in all areas of life. I’m deeply convinced that such a leap forward can only be secured with a free society that accepts all that is new and advanced.”He said that in the past Russia had risen again from setbacks, “like a phoenix”.

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