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Python Chokes A Selfie-Posing Ranger

Jaipaiguri(June 19, 2018): As per the news, ranger Sanjay Dutta and his team caught the massive snake after getting calls about the reptile killing and eating local goats.

After tracking down the python, instead of putting the snake in a sack to, Sanjay Dutta reportedly flung the python’s head over his shoulder and started taking photos with locals while wearing the snake. It didn’t take long for the agitated snake resting on his shoulders and around his neck to give into natural urges and start constricting around the man.

Video of the shocking incident shows the look of him change from smiling, proud ranger to panicked victim in a matter of seconds. Sanjay was eventually helped by another man, who assisted in pulling the powerful python off the ranger.Neither the man nor the snake were harmed during their altercation. The python was later transported to Baikanthapur forest and released.

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