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Qandeel murder case: Third person presence revealed in meeting of Qavi, Qandeel

MULTAN: Prosecution Branch has directed police to add Mufti Abdul Qavi in investigation and to submit challan, while presence of third person has been revealed during the meeting of Mufti Qavi and Qandeel Baluch.

Despite having respite by Prosecution Branch, police did not present challan, nor victim parents and Mufti Abdul Qavi including other accused were added in investigation.

It must be pertinent to recall that police had tried to submit challan on September 18, on which Prosecutor Rana Javed raised 16 objections and returned the challan.

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that there was a third person during meeting of Mufti Qavi and Qandeel Baluch and police is further investigating regarding the matter.