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Qatari prince letter says, Sharif family bought apartments from business earning

Tuesday’s apparent flip-flop in the Supreme Court when Sharif family lawyer presented the letter of Qatari foreign minister Sheikh Hammad Bin Jassim in the court pertaining that Sharif family had bought the Pak Lane apartment from their business earning and they have gone to ownership of Hussain Nawaz in 2006.

Qatari foreign minister Sheikh Hammad Bin Jassim said in his letter his father had deep relations with Mian Sharif and he showed interest in royal’s real estate business and he had invested 12 million Dirham in 1980.

Sheikh Hammad Bin Jassim letter further said that Sharif family bought London flats form the income gained from their business while Pak Lane Flats 16, 16A, 17 and 17A were registered with two off shore companies. Due to old relation between both families the flats were under Sharif family used and they used to paid the rent.

In 2006 the business deal between Al Sani family and Hussain Nawaz was struck after that the said flats went under Hussain Nawaz ownership and he was the beneficiary of the real estate business.