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Question Abounds When PM Assets Soar by Many Times: Fawad

Islamabad (July 5, 2017): Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) spokesman Fawad Chaudhry hit back at Prime Minister’s daughter Maryam Nawaz after she said the investigators had no case against the Sharif family following her appearance before the joint investigation team (JIT) on Wednesday.

Addressing a press conference to respond to Maryam Nawaz press talks after her appearance before the JIT, Chaudhry said that Maryam had first denied owning London properties but later she admitted the ownership.

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He said that it was expected Maryam Nawaz would apologize to the nation on the occasion of his appearance before the JIT over the lies, but she left without responding questions.

He said that as Maryam Nawaz also talked about conspiracies, so the nation should be told as to who was conspiring against the government.

The PTI leader said that no one was conspiring against the government and Shairf family, adding that Maryam and his brother were enough for the government.

He also criticized the government for giving official protocol to Maryam Nawaz. “The whole city was shut for the one kilometer drive of Maryam Nawaz to FJA from the Prime Minister’s House,” he flayed.

The PTI spokesman said that Maryam Nawaz must tell her sources of income, saying that his husband income was not enough even for travel from Mansehra to Islamabad.

Chaudhry dismissed Maryam’s comments as “ridiculous” and alleged that she kept changing her statements.

“The Sharif family is not used to giving answers. Maryam Nawaz is the front-woman in all this [Panama] saga,” he claimed, adding that the PM’s daughter’s lifestyle was “no less than that of Arab princesses”.

“If the prime minister’s assets grow multifold, then they have to be answerable. How did Maryam Nawaz become the owner of millions of rupees’ worth of jewelry?” he questioned.

Chaudhry further remarked that the JIT had summoned Maryam Nawaz because her brother Hussain Nawaz had admitted to owning properties in Britain.Later on, in a press conference, PTI leader Shafqat Mahmood said that Maryam Nawaz Sharif asked why she summoned for interrogation by the JIT, but the entire nation knows why was she called.

Maryam in an earlier statement had said that she did not own anything in Pakistan or abroad, but according to the details that emerged she owned properties and shares as well, said the senior PTI leader.

Mahmood said that Nawaz Sharif has another daughter named Asma, whose name was never taken in relation to the offshore properties.“When Maryam’s husband (Safdar) came to the proceedings, he responded to the questions by saying that my wife knows the details, which ultimately led to Maryam being summoned by the JIT to respond to those questions,” said Mahmood.

He further said that the JIT should investigate the way it wills and the PTI will not demand anything from the JIT.

Maryam Nawaz earlier said she had answered honestly all the questions asked by the JIT members. “I asked them once their questions ended what we are accused of? They didn’t have an answer!” she said.
“After six months in the Supreme Court and 70 days in the JIT, I realised today they have nothing against us,” she added.

This is the first JIT in the world that has been formed before knowing what charges to level, she said, reiterating what her brothers have claimed earlier.

The premier’s daughter vowed there is not a shred of evidence against Nawaz Sharif over misuse of public funds, saying “not a penny has been misappropriated”.

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