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Rabbani Does Not See Political Stability After Polls

Karachi (July 05, 2018): Former Chairman Senate and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader Raza Rabbani has said that he could not see political stability in the country after the July 25 polls.

While addressing a ceremony in Karachi, Rabbani said that neither did the “engineered election” previously resolved issues, nor they would do it in future.The PPP leader expressed fears that 18th Amendment of the Constitution might not be rolled back after the coming elections.

He said that the constitutional institutions of the country were at loggerheads and the parliament had been weakened.He lamented what hopes one should have with “Choo’n Choo’n Ka Murabba (a varied mixture)” that would take over the National Assembly.

The former Senate chairman said that rumours were rife that the little rights the provinces had were also being returned to Islamabad.

He said the country’s elite and the masses had different thoughts. “The elite, which has been occupying national resources, has the mentality dating back to the times before [Pakistan’s] independence,” Rabbani said.

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