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Rabbani Questions Hafeez Sheikh’s Participation In Defence Budget Discussions

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader and former Chairman Senate on Friday raised his concern over the attendance of Financial Adviser to PM Hafeez Shaikh and other special assistants in the cabinet meetings and said that this is a violation of the secret act.

Raza Rabbani raised his questions over the attendance of advisers and special assistants to the budget discussion meeting as he sees it a violation of the secret act as according to the constitution of the country it is matter of high secrecy and cannot be discussed even before the elected lawmakers so how can advisers and special assistants take part in the meeting.

He said that how can a cabinet which is comprised of 21 non-elected members discuss such sensitive issues. An adviser and special assistant are not allowed to participate in cabinet meetings without any specific invitation according to the constitution and they are being allowed to attend the meetings.

“Why Hafeez Shaikh is making estimations of defence budget as this is a sensitive issue and cannot be discussed even in the parliament,” asserted Rabbani.

He also raised concerns over the absence of Khusro Bakhtiar over his absence as he was called to brief on China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

“Pakistan’s security is being neglected and three of the major projects of CPEC were terminated,” he added.

To which, the federal minister Azam Swati told the Senate that none of the projects were suspended or terminated.

Mian Ateeq also informed that the excessive use of antibiotic medicines is harmful to human health and we should work on to reduce its use.

He said that due to the constant efforts of the PM the prices of 380 medicines were reduced.