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Racing Pigeon Sold at Auction For $1.4 Million

WEB DESK: The bird, named “Armando,” is said to be the best long-distance racing pigeon of all time. He’s the most expensive bird ever sold at auction.

According to details, The bird has been dubbed by some as the Lewis Hamilton of racing pigeons, in reference to the Formula One racing driver.

The price spike came in the final hours of bidding, as two Chinese fanciers kept one-upping each other. The price went from about $600,000 to $1.4 million in about an hour, PIPA said.

Jiangming Liu, who works for PIPA in China, said the company was expecting Armando to fetch a high price but “multiple times less” than what he actually got.

“We’re all surprised,” Liu said.

Pigeon racing has become increasingly popular in parts of China among the country’s elite and its middle class.