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Railways Minister Announces Compensation for Train Fire Victims

RAWALPINDI: Railways Minister Sheikh Rasheed on Thursday announced a compensatory package for the affectees of the Tezgam Express train fire incident.

While talking to AbbTakk News, Sheikh Rasheed said Rs1.5 million will be given to the families of the deceased and Rs300,000-Rs500,000  to those injured in the incident.

The minister said: “As a Railways Minister, I take the responsibility of the incident but this incident occurred due to the passengers’ negligence.”

Rasheed told AbbTakk News that inquiry has already been ordered into the incident to determine the root cause along with details of the officers that allowed passengers to take gas cylinders with them on the train.

Earlier, the Minister confirmed the incident, stating that the fire was caused by a cylinder blast that occurred in the morning when passengers were preparing their breakfast.

Rasheed said the people who brought the gas cylinder onboard were the members of the Tableeghi Jamaat.

“Most deaths occurred after passengers jumped out of the train, in order to save themselves from the flames,” the minister said.

Rasheed said that the damaged track will be made operational within two hours.