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Railways To Back Up On Its Feet In 4 Months: Rasheed  

Lahore (August 26, 2018): Newly appointed Railways Minister Sheikh Rasheed on Sunday claimed that Pakistan Railways (PR) will back up on its feet within four months.

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad said that the economic condition of PR will be improved within one hundred twenty days, through effective and concrete measures.He was talking to newsmen at Lahore Railway Station today, after visiting its various parts. Sheikh Rasheed said no decision has been taken to raise railway fares. Rasheed said that promotion will be on merit, out of turn promotion will not be tolerated and action will be taken against such officers.To a question, he said facility of online ticketing will be further extended and improved. The Minister said more attention will be given to target railway freight business. He said elevators will be installed at major stations.He said officers of Pakistan Railways will work one hour more than normal closing time, however, lower staff will observe the normal closing time.

The Railways Minister said a separate standard gauge line will be laid for CPEC related projects, rather than using the broad-gauge line.

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