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Met Office Forecasts Rain in Karachi Today

Karachi (July 03, 2018): Pakistan Metrological Department(PMD) on Tuesday has predicted light drizzling in Karachi, whereas sky to remain covered by the clouds all the day.

The clouds have been ruling past several days in Karachi, while drizzling was experienced in various areas of the city from time to time. Due to which the weather has become pleasant.

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Light drizzling episode was seen last night as well in Karachi. According to the Meteorological department, southwestern winds will continue at a speed of 30 to 40 km in the city, whereas the maximum temperature of the city will be 35 degrees.

On the other hand, there is a continuous series of rainfall in various cities of the country including Lahore. More than 170 mm of rain poured in Lahore, resulting in water standing on roads.According to MD WASA Zahid Aziz, WASA’s staff is busy in water drainage processes after rain. It can take up-to two to three hours to get water off the city after rain stops. According to WASA, level of water will increase in dams by 4-5 feet in the country. Due to which the concerns of lack of water reserves will decrease.

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