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Rain plays havoc in Punjab, Govt performance exposes

Tall claims of Punjab government flew in Stormy rains which started from yesterday as low lying areas in Lahore were submerged into the rainy water, rain water also entered into the houses, power system totally collapsed while one person killed and 13 injured in rain related incidents.

On the other side rain has been forecast for Karachi from June 27. Weather in Lahore took turn on Wednesday morning and morning turned into night and the rains exposed performance of WASA officials.

The low lying areas came under water and roads changed into ponds and drainage lines. The people of the areas Muzang, Abid Market and Lakhshmi Chowlk faced immense difficulties after rain water stood almost many fits on the roads.

While 13 persons were injured as wall of houses collapsed in Sofiaabad and Thokarniaz Baig and a body 35-year-old also recovered from rain water.

Meteorological Department also forecast more rains in coming 24 hours while recent rains span will end in next 2 to 3 hours.

On the other hand rains have also played havoc in many cities of Kyber Pakhutunkhwa (KP) while National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) also hinted risk of flood in eight districts while the met department also predicted rains in Karachi on June 27.