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Rains, Snowfall, Rains Bring Fog Back in Punjab, Drizzle in Karachi

Lahore (December 13, 2017): Fog has engulfed many cities of Punjab after the first winter rains while most parts of the country were lashed by winter rains and snow fell in mountainous area up north. Meanwhile,  light winter rains and drizzle lashed many areas of Karachi with different intensity early this morning to turn weather a bit more colder.

Basirpur, Haveli Lakhan, and others areas of district Okara are in grips of dense fog where traffic flow has been brought to trickle due to zero visibility.

Meanwhile, in Bhawalnagar fog has limited the visibility to just 30 meters. The Traffic Police has advised motorists to avoid unnecessary traveling and to ensure using fog lights if they do have to drive.

In Kallar Kahar the Khushab Road area is in the grips of dense fog while in Dera Ismail Khan the visibility stands reduced to just 10 meters.Dunyapur is also in the clutches of dense fog.

The fog has also made temperature fall substantially.

During last 24 hours rains lashed Rain-thunderstorm (with snowfall over the hills) occurred at scattered places in Punjab, Kashmir, KP, FATA and Gilgit-Baltistan.Islamabad’s areas of Saidpur 50 received 50 millimeters of rain while Golra and Bokra received 26 and 21 millimeters of rains respectively. Elsewhere in Punjab province Shamshabad and Chaklala areas of Rawalpindi received 41mm and 21 mm of rains respectively. Murree received 37mm;  Sialkot 17mm; Mangla and Jhelum 10mm; Gujrat 9mm; Lahore City 7; Gujranwala and Shorkot 6; Joharabad 5; Okara 4; Sargodha City 3; Kasur 2mm.

In Azad Kashmir Muzaffarabad received 37mm rains; Rawalakot 29; Garidupatta 24; and Kotli 19mm.

Khyber Pakhtwankhwa: Lower Dir 32, Dir 30, Mirkhani 29, Pattan 26, Risalpur 25, Kakul, Drosh 21, Cherat and  Balakot 20, Chitral 16,  Saidu Sharif 15,Kalam, Malamjabba 13, Peshawar City six, and Kohat six mm.In FATA: Parachinar 8mm,Gilgit-Baltistan and Skardu 4, Chillas 2, Gupis, and Bunji 1mm.

Meanwhile 8 inches of snowfall was recorded in Malamjabba, seven in Kalam, six in Murree, three in Saidu Sharif, two in Astore 02,  and one inch snowfall in Skardu.

Kalat was the coldest place in the country today with minus nine degree centigrade followed by Quetta with minus seven, and Dalbandin with minus five degree centigrade.

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