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Rains wreak havoc in several countries, 31 killed in Afghanistan

Rains downpour played havoc in Afghanistan as many as 31 people were killed. On the other hands heavy rains caused flood like situation in the US state of Texas and the roads have become ponds. Rains also created destruction in Latin American country Chile.

The heavy rains disturbed life in Afghanistan and downpours caused flood in North Baghlan, Samangan,  North eastern Takhar.  As many as 31 persons were killed in different accidents and rains also destructed crops.

Flood warning has been issued in the US state of Texas and due to heavy rains many areas are without electricity and communication also disturbed.

The Rains also wreak havoc in the Latin American country Chile. Land sliding after downpours cut ground contacts of several areas. More than four million people are deprived of water.  Instructions have been issued to deal with whatsoever dangers in city of San diego.