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Rainwater Floods Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway; Met Office Warns of Urban Flooding

KARACHI: Downpours which have been ongoing across the metropolis for past two days on Tuesday portrayed scenes of a drain on Karachi-to-Hyderabad Motorway, barring traffic to flow freely.

One of the two roads of the Karachi-to-Hyderabad Motorway was closed for all kind of traffic owing to the extreme conditions.

The Met Office has warned of urban flooding considering the intermittent showers.

However, pertaining authorities are yet to be seen in action to avert the citizens from further devastations.

Several areas including goths (small villages) situated near Northern By-pass have reportedly been covered with rainwater.

The rains have not only flooded Thadu Dam, but also entered Super-Highway near Northern By-pass.