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Raja Basharat Claims Majority in NA for Budget Approval

LAHORE: The Punjab law minister Raja Basharat claimed on Monday that PTI is enjoying a majority in parliament to get the budget approved.

Talking to media in Lahore, the provincial law minister said that PTI and allied parties enjoying a majority in parliament and easily budget will be approved from the lower house.

Commenting over the ban using the word selected PM, he said that his party welcomed the move as the PM Imran is the elected PM and calling him selected contempt of the parliament.

The replying question over the health conditions of the former PM Nawaz Sharif, he said “All the facilities being provided to him, however, the opposition is using his health issue for its political gains.

“The Maryam Nawaz started hue and cry since the Nawaz Sharif in jail as the Punjab government has provided him all the medical facilities as it can do,” he said adding that court has sent Nawaz Sharif in jail and he can’t be out on an executive order.

He further said that if Nawaz Sharif requires any treatment facility Punjab government will provide him.