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Rallies, Protests Continue In Solidarity With Kashmiris Around Whole Country

ISLAMABAD: Rallies and protests continued in support of oppressed Kashmiris of Indian held Kashmir in the whole of the country while the Christian and Hindu communities also expressed solidarity with the Kashmiris, doing so the nation gave a message to Kashmiri brethren that we stand with Kashmiris in the hour of difficulty imposed by India.

Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed attended in a rally brought out in the capital of Azad Jammu and Kashmir while the participants of the rally changed slogans against India.

A literary society of Rawalpindi ‘Halaqa Arbab-e-Zoq’ brought a rally in solidarity with the Kashmiris while addressing a rally renowned poet Iftikhar Arif said that we stood with Kashmiris against Indian atrocities. A short story writer Hameed Shahid said that poets and literary figures were protesting against Indian cruelty continued on Kashmiris adding that world should take action against India over its aggression on Kashmiris.

Punjab food authority in solidarity with Kashmiris presented a resolution in a private shopping mall where people in huge numbers approved the resolution by signing it while people said that we are with Kashmiris until they get freedom.

The Christian community in Hyderabad brought out a rally in solidarity with Kashmiris from the GPO roundabout to the press club in which people chanted slogans against Modi.

The Hindu community in Larkana protested against India and expressed solidarity with Kashmiris while participants chanted slogans in favor of Pakistan army and Kashmiri people.

The protest demonstrations were also held in Sukkur, Thatha, Sohawa and other cities and expressed solidarity with Kashmiris actively.